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Recently I have been looking for flagpoles to hold banners. The standard ones (30023190 and 30226680) fall on the short size, whereas 30216973 and the likes are way too big to be hand-held.

On eBay, I stumbled upon this listing:

That flagpole would perfectly suit my needs, but I can't seem to get an ID on the part and I have run out of search terms on playmodb. Does anyone where it comes from?

Thanks in advance!

could it be the cauldron tripod thing


--- Quote from: tahra on April 10, 2020, 10:05:00 ---could it be the cauldron tripod thing

--- End quote ---

It is indeed! Thank you, I never would have thought of it. And three is precisely the quantity I need!

Tahra to the rescue!  ;D

Tah Ra!


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