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Christmas train shuttle layout

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--- Quote from: Tiermann on December 02, 2019, 00:05:08 ---That's wonderful Gordon! I really need to find one of those shuttle mechanisms. The LGB ones are occasionally available here and I need to look out for one. Will there be video I hope?

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Tim.

The Playmobil shuttle units are basic, for example, you can't change the pause time at the ends as you can with the LGB ones, but work well.

I plan for there to be a video, either of the window ledge version or a longer version planned for our chapel Fun Day in early January, or both.

Lovely set up! Simple, yet appealing. Wish I could find a decent, old-fashioned train.


--- Quote from: playmofire on December 01, 2019, 22:38:39 ---Yes, I've acquired lots of those parts, including two full DS sets.

--- End quote ---

7400?  Wow.

I have very few of those parts, compared to the amount of steck I have :(

What a wonderful idea dear Gordon  :wave:

I cannot wait to see more of your Christmas Train  :)

Junker Jörg:
That's pure brillant - considering the little space you have! Einfach toll - vor allem, wenn man bedenkt, wie wenig Platz Du hast!



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