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Ferrovie dello Balconia (part 2)

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The Ferrovie dello Balconia moves to a new location

After a few years of have been driving on the current location with my train, business activities are terminated on this site. My parents got an offer to move the caravan from place 49 to 11, and that is further from the highway, along the edge of the forest and some agricultural fields. I do not know how this new spot looks like, and so I have not yet finished a rail plan yet. Meanwhile, at “klusbedrijf HENK” (a small construction company), there is already some gossip because of the upcoming removal.

B — ”Henk, have you read this on Playmofriends?”
H — “What, Ben?”
B — “The Ferrovie dello Balconia is going to move.”
H — “Well, than it is gonna be a busy summer. How large is the new spot?”
B — “I have no idea.”
H — “Then we have to hire a new employee to measure up the new location.”

J — ”Hello, I am Joop and I can measure up the new piece of land.”
H — “Welcome at our company, klusbedrijf HENK.”

H — ”That is some impressive equipment.”
J — “As a survayor, no job is too small for me!”


Looking forward to see what happens next.   :wave:


B — ”Henk, are you in the bathroom perhaps?”
H — “Why?”
B — “Well, the birds are falling from the tree…”



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