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Re: Pynedor's Playmobil
« Reply #400 on: June 12, 2022, 13:29:07 »
I really like the black ones, and that unusual purple.

Thanks! The black and white ones are some of my favourites. :)

The purple one came about after I bought some of those purple staves and wizard hats. I have been trying to order the black staves (from the green wizard in Fi?ures Series 4) without luck for years, so I finally tried to order some of the other colours and ended up with a few purple ones. Similarly, the purple hats were the only ones I could find for a long time, but I've had better luck with the different hats lately.

They're all great :)

And I really like the guy with the turban - that worked very well!

Thanks! That doesn't seem to be a common colour, so it was nice to see that the turban with the new DuoPack Set 70821 matched something.