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Report & Review / Re: Ye Gods! An Olympian Appreciation
« Last post by GrahamB on Today at 07:05:31 »
He ... is accompanied by two doves - who are oddly not listed as symbolic animals of his in any account I've seen.

Perhaps they are pigeons, also well-known winged messengers!
Report & Review / Re: Ye Gods! An Olympian Appreciation
« Last post by Macruran on Today at 04:18:54 »
And now we have Hermes, aka Mercury! The only god in the world named after both an element and a French high fashion brand, Hermes is sort of a grab-bag god who is in charge of things like commerce, messengers, magic, thieves, wit, travelling, shepherds - pretty much all the leftover stuff the main gods didn't handle!

He carries a snakestaff and a big sack, and is accompanied by two doves - who are oddly not listed as symbolic animals of his in any account I've seen.

upload an image

The snakestaff is a VERY rough approximation of a caduceus, a stick with wings and two snakes. (Note that this is different from the medical symbol, which is a stick with only one snake!) I guess they weren't doing new parts for this series; if they had done, a caduceus would have been an absolute must. As it is - it's really not even close.

His headgear is an attempt to simulate a winged helmet. Nice effort but a little odd looking.

He's got matching winglets on his sandals.

I have to say that, although the overall white toga look is very on-brand for Greek gods, it seems to me that Hermes, who clearly does a lot of flying and running, should be wearing a short tunic. It can't be easy to run in a toga. And since we've already had two white toga'ed gods, they could have tried a different approach.

The rubric on states that "In June 2018, after studies and with the valuable contribution of archaeologists and educators, the first collectible six of the twelve gods of Olympus will be completed. The creation of the collectible figures required long-term research and preparation, so that the result is as representative as possible, according to historical data." Based on real research it seems, so maybe I'm wrong in my criticisms. Be that as it may I can't help regarding Hermes - given the lack of proper caduceus, the ad hoc headgear, the doves, and the clothing unsuited to running - as less successful than some of the other gods in the series.

Hermes Disrobed:

And that's all for a nice but somewhat underwhelming god!

Mystery Figures Series / Re: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« Last post by Macruran on Today at 03:11:58 »
Lots of great ones mentioned, I'll put in a vote for Jimi Hendrix in Series 11!  O0  Exactly the sort of cultural figure they should be doing more of, and one that would sell in much greater numbers if it was available direct! I will never stop being aggravated that there's no official channel to get specific figures through, so that one must always pay twenty clams for a four dollar klicky!  >:(
Looks amazing! :)
Story-Telling / Re: The Making of : Summer Garden Party on Regent St
« Last post by playmovictorian on October 17, 2021, 13:02:26 »
Good afternoon dear Friends  :wave:

I hope that you are all well.

The first autumn colours arrived at Marlow on the Thames revier banks and my little victorians had a lot of fun bringing the magic of Autumn to Mrs Applepie's Patisserie.

I invite you to follow their latest tribulations that smell of freshly baked apple pie and pumpkin pie and the charms of autumn:

I wish you a great Sunday and a nice Autumn  :wave:

Customs Gallery / Re: Randoms
« Last post by Joshua D on October 17, 2021, 06:05:54 »
So far, yes. It works great with knight armor, I’d love to see a new knights theme or even a Roman theme with these. A toga fits over it nicely.
Great work! It looks more realistic than the official one.
Photography & Graphics / Re: JLMatterer Photo Gallery
« Last post by Macruran on October 16, 2021, 22:06:17 »
Is Van Gogh now the "most playmobilized" historical figure ever? Even Napoleon's only had two!  :irish:
Awesome work!   O0
Both thanks for your positive response :wave:  And yes, 3D printing these assets should be, with a bit of tweaking, possible. The current 3Deas project I am working on is one for sure I want to 3D print ... having been 'waiting' 40 years for that one ;D but more about that later. If everything goes according plan I hope to present it somewhere next week :)
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