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Hello from Sweden

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Hello everyone!  :wave:

I am happy to be a part of this community and I thought it is about time I introduce myself. I had a lot of Playmobil in my childhood, and I especially liked collecting sets with knights and castles and also western sets with cowboys and indians. My favorite though was probably the victorian theme. We owned the big Victorian mansion and I just loved the attention to details in this set.

A few years ago my mother suggested we sell off some of the Playmobil we had kept in storage for many years. I hadn't really thought about it for many years, but when be took it out and started putting it together for selling both me and my mother were amazed with how beautiful it was and instead of just selling the Playmobil we already had we started buying some more Playmobil and started a small business and have enjoyed working together with this as a family ever since.

Welcome Danin!  :wave:
It's good to hear your story of inter-generational Playmobil collecting.

Hi Danin!  Welcome.  I enjoyed reading how you and your Mom rediscovered Playmobil, and turned it into a side business.  I look forward to seeing what you are up to, projects-wise, going forward, as well as reading your take on things.

Welcome from Portugal :)

Glad you kept it all - a good decision!

Welcome from North Yorkshire, families that Playmobil together stay together.


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