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I thought I would display a few interesting parts and sets, especially things which are a little harder to find. I will try to add to this regularly, though I doubt I will be as diligent as Jim Matterer, who manages to post something new nearly every day.

First up, a fairly recent part, from set 70909, Starter Pack Dino Rise: Fire Scorpion, released in May 2022. I liked the look of this beastie, so added its part number (30 65 0455) to a recent parts order. It cost £4.30; set against what the set would have cost at the time (£15.99 at, this is quite good value- the set contains this scorpion, 4 small scorpions, some crystals, some bones, rocky scenery, one klicky (Ian) and accessories.

As you can see, the Fire Scorpion has a flexible tail and sting, flexible front limbs and chelae (pincers). It is studded with orange jewels. The ‘walking’ legs don’t move. The translucent orange and red parts look great. Fully extended it measures 16cm, so it should give a nasty shock to any klicky it meets!

When I first picked it up, I was strongly reminded of Lego, possibly because the tail articulation looks quite like Lego Technic!
A very nice animal and quite reminiscent of a real scorpion.

He's gorgeous :love:  - I got him too..

I really like the fire scorpion too. I just got the big one from set 71024 but while larger it isn't really more articulated than the little guy, so only has a tiny bit more play value for a much higher price.

That is one groovy looking arachnid  8-)


--- Quote from: Macruran on February 05, 2024, 06:11:00 ---That is one groovy looking arachnid  8-)

--- End quote ---

Don't call him that!  :0


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