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Hi all

I have only recently started obtaining playmobil trains for my kid, usually second hand via ebay.

I got a 4017 (see pic) that seems mostly complete. There are two questions I have though and I would appreciate any advice - the train comes with some other presents this Xmas.

1. I know the quartz in the RC steering determine the frequency, but I dont understand why in some cases the train will not work at all, and in others it will have no issue running (batteries work and are full, I use rechargeable ones). I tried orange and brown quartzes at no avail, and then with red quartzes the train was suddenly running fine. I have no technology background, and wonder what could explain this?

2. The box does not clearly show all the items inccluded (e.g. bags, crates, tools etc) and I was wondering if anyone had a list including the total number of each item.

Thank you and happy holidays

PS this train was shipped from Germany, I dont know if that has any effect on quartzes used or not.

I found this image on the net:

Multiple items are marked, otherwise everything else is included in the picture.

Thank you @klyckterix !
Mine didn't come with that part of the box, I wasn't sure if there were variations. :)


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