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Is anyone in Richmond, VA? I have a gallery show in May...

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This is for any US collectors that are in the DC / Richmond VA area. I have a gallery show at the Black Iris Gallery in May. I'll be there on May 7th for the opening (as part of Richmond's First Fridays)
Most of the prints are pop culture and vintage toys, but two of the pieces feature playmobil figures on location. My centaurian at the Roman Colosseum and a single long exposure (with a sparkler) of the playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean.
lightningstrike_2k by Andy Jones, on Flickr

Roman soldier visits the Colosseum by Andy Jones, on Flickr

These two images are presented on beautiful 20x30(ish) canvas wrapped prints.
You can read more about the exhibition here:

If you're close enough to check it out, come on by and tell me you're from PlaymoFriends!

Sadly on the other side of the country. Congratulations on having a show

How nifty a show in the states!  Congratulations


How awesome :)  And it looks really interesting...  Besides the playmoones (duh, right?) I really like the one with the map and ... asthma pump thing and the "Time Traveler’s Poker Game"

Thank you for sharing!



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