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What is the best way to secure pictures online please

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Good morning dear Friends  :wave:

I hope that you are all well.

After experiencing the collapse of another hosting pictures website in 2015, TinyPics also went down in September with all the wonderful pictures I posted and shared in the past few years  :'(

I am happy that these pictures were enjoyed by many while they were available but I would like now to secure my new online pictures since I believe that what already happened twice will happen again.

I will welcome your suggestions  :)

Thank you very much in advance  :thanks:


Good morning Karim!

After a failed attempt using Google Photos, I've been uploading my pictures on imgur with no significant issues so far. If you want to register an account you have to confirm your phone number though, so I opted to login using my Google account.

You can automatically resize images while uploading them too; still, I've found it's actually better to upload them at full res and resize them while posting in the forum, so fellow members can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

I'm afraid I can't offer any alternative since that is the only platform I have any degree of experience with; I hope it will suit your needs.

The rare times I don't put the pics on my own site, I use

Like all free serviwes, I suppose you get what you pay for, and they can change the rules as they please.

The answer may be to host your own website and store them there.

Thank you so much for your excellent advice  :thanks:


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