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5781 captain peg leg review

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i just got from the u.s.a. this new pirate.
there are no particular surprises on its construction.
i think it is the first time that a pirate comes with a collar that we cannot remove (unless you are able to put his head out).
the quality of everything is very good and the paintings seem to be strong enough.
this is the 1st photo...

... and the 2nd one

Thanks for the review and pictures. He looks very smart indeed.  Of course, if you want to take the collar off it is fairly easy to pull off a klicky's head.

The same pirate (with that same collar) also came with the latest set of the blue schooner; German exclusive 4067.

merci mon capitaine,
you are quite right.
unfortunately i only have the 3860 version.
i have to try and complete it with the missing parts.
i have very few data on the 4067 version - is it symilar to the 3029?


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