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Hello from SF Bay Area, CA!

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Hi all,

I've been a lurker for awhile, but just wanted to post and "officially" say hello! My name is Patrick and I grew up with Playmobil and still love it as an adult. I'm also a software engineer by trade and have created a little free set collecting and browsing app for Playmobil called KlickyTracker! That said, if you download it (just search KlickyTracker in the App Store or Android Play Store), I'd love to hear your feedback!

That said, I also try to post on my Instagram every day! I have a "set of the day" I curate myself and post daily :)

Anyway, I hope to post way more here and get to know y'all  :love:

Joshua D:
Hello and Welcome from L.A. 😁

Welcome from Portugal!

Hellooo and welcome  :wave:

I'm in Antwerp, Belgium.
I think it would take me a rather long time to map out all the sets I have collected since childhood, but your app sounds pretty cool  ;D

I don't have Instagram, but if you feel like sharing some of your photos here, I'd really like that  :)

Thank you all for the welcome!!

@Birdie haha yes, i agree!! But yes, give it a try and let me know what you think of it!

And yes, I'd love to share photos, is there a good place to do it here?


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