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Greetings from Seattle, Washington USA! :)

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Hello friends!

I have been a forum-lurker for quite a few years now and finally joined a few weeks back! I kind of fell into collecting Playmobil a few years ago and have gotten into re-selling as well. I am absolutely obsessed with Playmobil animals, so that's where I focus most of my collecting, but I do have a pretty large variety of themes in my collection.

I'll post a few photos of some of the dioramas I've put together for fun (I have two kiddos ages 3 and 5, so the dioramas I put together aren't exactly revered long enough to remain untouched and get great photos or videos  :lol:) I also have a very mediocre YouTube channel ( that I'd love if you all checked out to give me any feedback.

I really enjoy seeing other adult hobbyists who are Playmobil enthusiasts and I look forward to sharing more and learning more about y'all.

Thanks for having me!  :wave:


Joshua D:
Welcome from California Staci!!

My love for playmobil was ignited in the mid 90’s with the western sets. Today my nine year old enjoys playing with all the different themes them and making quite a mess while I still try to keep things organized in plastic containers and compartment boxes lol. I also have dabbled in re-selling thanks to eBay, Craigslist, etsy and marketplace. I will definitely check out your YouTube channel.

Welcome, Staci, from Stroud, UK.

My collection is strictly off-limits to my children (even though my collection started with the PM they had grown out of)! "Look with your eyes, not your fingers." But we do have other PM for our grandchildren to play with. ;D

Welcome from Portugal!

Looking forward to pics :)

(we have that expression too: "ver com as mãos" = "see with the hands" .. which is what we playmonuts like to do ;) )

Welcome from the Netherlands!!


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