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DS service out of action (UK, probably elsewhere too)

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Spare Parts ordering on the UK website (but not on has been disabled for several days now. I enquired on the likely timescale for it to reopen and received the following reply

"Dear Customer

Thank you for your email

We do apologise but our spare parts service is temporarily unavailable as our spare parts department are re-locating to one central warehouse.

This is a huge undertaking and we have not yet been given a time frame for the works to be completed

We ask you for your patience and understanding whilst this work is being carried out.

Kind Regards,

Customer Service Department"

It sounds like this might affect all countries where spare parts are supplied from Germany. This was to be expected given the relocation of the spares department, but I thought that was due to be completed in July. :(

Ah, but did they say July and which year?  And remember, too, with new computer systems there are always glitches (technical term for programs not being properly tested and staff using them not being properly trained, so for a time an order totalling £32.50 will be billed as £3,500 or if the total  charged is right, the goods you receive will be wrong.

That is worrying. :(

Sigh  :(

Back online as of today (9th November 2023)!


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