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F.A.Q. : General Information for Members

Here you will find some of the questions most commonly asked by new PlaymoFriends. If you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to contact a moderator. Clicking on the text in blue will take you directly to the information provided on each subject.

Why do I have to pay a membership fee? I've seen similar fan sites that are free.

What if I want to donate more to PlaymoFriends?

When I registered I was asked if I was willing to be a moderator. What's that all about?

Can kids join the forum and do they have to pay?

What if I have a complaint about a post or another member's behaviour?

Why does it says "Playmo Pal" on my Profile but "Playmo Fanatic" on others? Can I change it?

Why do some members have special titles and names which appear in different colours on the index page?

I don't like the username I chose when I registered. Can I change it?

What is the difference between a board, a child board, and a topic?

Can I edit my posts if I make a mistake or change my mind about what I posted?

What is an avatar? How do I get one for myself?

What is a signature and how can I add one to all of my posts?

Is there a limit to how many photos I can post on the forum?

What are Personal Messages? How do I send and receive them?

Are members allowed to post topics which offer Playmobil for sale?

I sell Playmobil on eBay. Can I post links to my eBay auctions on PlaymoFriends?

Why is the location field in my Profile mandatory?

Help! I've never used an internet forum before. How do all these buttons work??!

We (the Admin and Founders) feel that to have an egalitarian board, everyone must contribute a little. Also, the simple fact is that running this site costs a good deal of money and none of us are in a position to fund it all on our own. So, we decided that a small membership fee of 6.00 Euros would be an inexpensive way to keep PlaymoFriends financially healthy without posing a financial hardship on anyone. The money received from members will be used primarily to fund maintenance of the site and our server space for hosting photos. Any money left over will be used to support special PlaymoFriends events, prizes for competitions and other fun stuff.

We prefer our members to pay their fee via PayPal, but if they are unable to do this we are happy to provide alternate methods wherever possible depending on the member's location and local currency.

The reason we ask for payment prior to posting is to help cut down on the number of people who might want to join only to cause trouble (i.e. trolls, flamers etc) and also Playmobil retail sellers who might want to take advantage of the captive audience of fans by joining solely to promote their businesses.

Monetary donations to the PlaymoFriends forum will not be solicited or accepted. Our primary objective for having a set fee - aside from helping to raise funds - is to maintain a sense of all members being on an equal footing with one another. When everyone pays the same amount, no-one feels that they are relying on others to pay their way and keep the forum running. If a select group of members were to contribute additional funds, it is only natural that they would feel they had invested more in the site than a person who has only paid the standard membership fee, and this could lead to problems in the long term.

But there are other ways that you can help PlaymoFriends! You can volunteer your time and patience by becoming a Moderator, or you can get involved by offering to organise a site feature or event. All of these things will benefit the entire forum community in a very positive and happy way. :)

As a member of this forum, you too have an investment and a say in the welfare of the site. To show our trust and appreciation of our members, we offer each and every person over the age of 18 the opportunity to serve as a Moderator (for 3 months, minimum) during their time at PlaymoFriends.

If you are willing to take part in this community program, we hope you indicated such on your registration. If not, and you wish to volunteer, please contact the site Administrator or one of the current Moderators, and they will let you know more about what is involved.

Only those children who have a parent or guardian already at PlaymoFriends can join the forum. They will not be charged a membership fee. Other children under 13 years of age will not be allowed to join. Once they reach 13, any person is welcome to join PlaymoFriends, providing they can fulfill all the registration requirements.

We want to encourage our children to participate in the forum and experience the fun that we, as adults, have with this amazing toy, but we do not want our members to be forced into 'babysitting' other folk's offspring. ;)


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