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Beheading Children!!!

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I've tried them all, and so far the door method is the best - no strength required, no need for supplies, no chance of ruining the head or body of the klicky.

* 1) Remove hair, beard, tie, necklace, etc.
* 2) Insert the head of the klicky in the crack between the (wood) door and (wood) doorjamb (DO NOT put it where the metal hinges are or you will crush or at least scrap the head).
* 3) Turn the body so that the shoulders are parallel to the crack between the door and doorjamb.
* 4) Close the door slowly, so that the head is firmly in place (but NOT SQUISHED!) between the door and doorjamb.
* 5) While keeping the door tightly around the head (I use my foot to block the door) twist the klicky's body, so that the shoulders will become perpendicular to the crack.
* 6) When the shoulders turn, they push off the head, and it pops out.
Easy as pie .

It didn't use to be so easy as that ... :P
(But then ... Well, I was a kid.)

But I find the hans much easier ::)

Oh, right ... With playmo- children? ... I don't know about that. I didn't need to switch children yet 8} ... But I believe anything would be better than the door! :P

By the way, Junior's method of popping children works like a charm! Just got through popping a whole bunch of them the other night, and it couldn't be easier. Thanks for the tip junior, and thanks Elaine for the dwarf's beard!

Thanks for the info! I tried the cape(s)/beard-method and it works well for decapitating child-klickies!  


The title of this thread sounds questionable....are we all gonna get arrested for "beheading children"...????

I don't know about you, but I don't have the time to "do time" for beheading little people.  Too many PM projects on my list. We all volunteer you to take the heat for any heinous PM crimes we may commit. Be our guest, Pgal :wave:


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