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Hello everyone

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Just a quick hello -- I'll try and keep this brief so as not to waste your day ;)

I'm based in the UK (not far from London) and am a complete playmobil newby.

My girls birthdays are coming up, they love "Scooby Doo", "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Harry Potter".  Was looking for a castle for them that to play with that could multi task across those themes.  The modern ones are too gender stereotyped (pink OR battle). So I picked up a 3666 set for them.  Luckily enough, it had a bunch of the other bits from around the same time rammed in to the box (unknown to me at purchase time).

Found playmofriends while looking for the best way to clean it up as it was pretty age yellowed.  The peroxide thread has served me well so far (many thanks to all involved!)

Saw some of the medieval and other dioramas and got hooked, they are excellent!

Welcome from Portugal!

Well done on the castle - probably one of the best playmosets EVER. Steck is wonderful, only one issue, as probably any playmonut can confirm.. THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH STECK. :P

Looking foward to pics and details of your playmoworld(s)!

A warm welcome from North Yorkshire!

The 3666 is classic Playmobil, a great buy!

Thanks for the welcome folks.

I think the 3666 castle is excellent, it's really an attractive thing and there were only a couple of issues found after unpacking, one missing battlement piece and the drawbridge winder had a broken spindle.  Both of these since rectified via a well known auction site.

I found the following in the 3666 box which I was not really aware of at the time of purchase:

3317 - ghost
3651 - foot soldier/crossbow man
3652 - royal jousting tournament
3653 - catapult
3654 - swan knight tent (one damaged panel)
3659 - king and his court
3668 - knights training field
3674 - prison cart (damaged cage)

So I reckon that more than covered the issues with the castle and all in all makes for a good start.

Although I must admit to adding to the collection since then...  It's really quite addictive once you start thinking of play possibilities.  Notably, 3123 which I got for a song, 3030 from the web along with a red steck house and the medieval accessories from the playmobil site.

Perhaps I've gone a bit mad thinking about it now.

Oh well.  Sure the kids will be pleased.

Guess you figured the "THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH STECK" part fine... ;D

(that's awesome - all those sets...)


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