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After battling breast cancer from 2018-2019 I decided in 2020 that it was time to retire from my 21 year teaching career before Covid killed me. Now, spending a lot of time with my daughter, 2 year old grandson and recently a granddaughter; playing with toys has become second nature once again. I have always loved dollhouses of any kind. I had a wooden hand made version that I played with until I was friend shamed into hiding it under the bed.
When my daughter was a little girl I longed for her to have the Victorian Mansion, but we could not afford it, we played with a Little Tykes.
Now, at age 59 I finally have my OWN Playmobil Victorian Mansion. No, the grandkids will have to play with a different model or set. However, I will let them enjoy looking at it with supervision. Hahaha
I have acquired several sets of incomplete houses and look forward to adapting, customizing, and enjoying my Mansion.
I am so glad to be part of this group. Thank you for allowing me to become a member. Nancy

A warm welcome from the UK!   :wave:

Welcome from Portugal!

I hope you have fun with the little ones and playmobil - with supervision  ;D

(and.. you need new friends.)


Welcome to a (relatively) new hobby! I hope you'll enjoy your Playmobil again as much as you did when you were a child. And now with deeper pockets!  :)9


And welcome to the forum! There are plenty of Victorian fans around here.

Good luck hunting the missing parts, completing projects, and starting new ones. Playmobil is great!

Best wishes from Munich

Welcome from Italy, too!  :wave:


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