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Manufacturer of XXL Playmobil Figures might go bust ...

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A recent post in Klickywelt discusses the economic woes of Giessegi Werbung GmbH, the manufacturer of the XXL figures. Back in April they lacked orders – I don't know whether things have meanwhile improved. The quoted article in is quite interesting for showing how these XXL figures are (were?) produced, involving lots of manual labour. Have a look! (I haven't found it in JLMatterer's magnificent collection "Playmobil in the News")

Best wishes

Id be gutted if they stopped making XXL figures.

Funny detail from the article: the hands of XXL figures are intentionally designed to be big enough to hold a (I suppose German 0.5 litre) beer bottle! :lol: I haven't got one around here to test this claim XXL figure I mean! :**:

Vielen Dank! My browser initially attempted to block the link to the article, which is maybe why I missed it during my usual searches. I've shared it on the FB site now.  :wave:

The Dutch and German playmobil sites are selling the xxl Santa right now. Does anyone know if these are the last in stock or is the manufacturer still in business?


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