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Hail from the Great White North aka Canada

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Hi all,

Recently joined up with the group. Look forward to getting to know you all.

Now on to a little background about me

I hail from Winnipeg, or Winterpeg to the locals during the harsh dark of a Canadian winter. I've been a long time admirer of playmobil. Always thinking they were very cool. Though I never really picked them up. That was until I discovered the fantasy line. And on a whim picked up two castles locally on facebook with the intent of giving them as surprise gifts to two friends in the U.S. for their kids. And it was there that I fell in love. Now I admit I may have played with the dragons, siege equipment and the castles themselves, once or twice since then. (I never had them as toys as a kid, I was a lego, gi joe and transformers kind of guy.) But now I am on a mission to restore them back to their glory. And that brought me here, where I can talk and meet with all of you. Forge friendships and start my deep dive into these wonderful toys.

Feel free to say Hi, I welcome conversation and look forward to meeting you all.


aka vexedwaffle

Hello Vexedwaffle  :wave: and welcome to the forum!  :welcome:

(I am laughing at that name and wondering if there is a story behind it.)

I have had great success recently in restoring several of my old castle sets, which had darkened and yellowed over 25 years. Can I ask what you are looking to restore on your own sets?

Welcome from Oregon USA

Hello, and welcome from Italy!  :wave:

Hi Vexedwaffle. Welcome from me in Stroud, UK.


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