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Thanks for the tip, Indianna, I will check hobby-shops and the like.

McGyver did some great work, wow. Some impressive customizing there. Thanks for the link!

Think I've found the perfect Playmobil rope:

It's 1.8 mm, white and looks like actual mini-rope. Yes! My pirates will be so happy!

I can't believe there used to be stickers to go in the ship. It's really insignificant, yet it has some kind of appeal. Ahhh the old days...wish I'd been there.  :-\

The 3750 was my first playmobil set and it made me fall in love with playmobil...I definitely remember the black and white sticker inside the cabin, but I absolutely do not recall the other framed picture (it even looks too new for the set, and I’m curious why one sticker would be black and white while the other would be in color) there anyway the framed picture did not belong- I mean, my memory recall could 100% be inaccurate, but I’m interested to know. Also, the original pirate ship showed a picture on the back of two dueling pirate ships, one with blue sails. Did this blue sail ship exist? Sometimes toys pictured various versions of sets that weren’t available, but back in the day there wasn’t much of any way to check into such matters. These kind of marketing techniques filled my imagination with even more depth and wonder when it came to the possibilities of collecting : ) so either way, well done playmobil

What stickers were included in early PM sets seems to vary quite a lot. Many sets were produced in their thousands, no doubt meaning multiple production runs. Geobra changed the packaging design quite often (leading to the most dedicated collectors seeking every package variant, even if the contents were unchanged; variants are referred to as versions in Collector) because that was relatively cheap to do, compared with creating new injection molds for plastic parts.

Stickers were a relatively cheap way of creating 'new' sets as well. Perhaps with a change of colour of some parts. I am thinking of the early cars (several designs, relatively few molds, lots of sticker variation) and vans (I will post something on vans on PF in the next couple of days). For example, earlier (1977) versions of the ambulance in set 3254x had 'AMBULANCE' and red cross stickers, whereas later versions (1982, at a guess) had the same stickers, but in addition 'MALTESER HILFSDIENST' and the logo (red Maltese cross) of Germany's largely voluntary medical aid service, giving owners of the later version the choice of which stickers to use.

In short, your memory of a set without the coloured sticker may not be flawed, PlaymoGuardian!

Incidentally, my 3750 (bought in about 1998, though strictly speaking it is the equivalent set 3053) does have the coloured sticker. The set instructions (1997) on the PM website show both stickers and give the part number of the sticker sheet as 3088560, but earlier versions didn't necessarily have both.

I've just noticed that Corso's set box (second picture) shows a sticker sheet as part of the set contents, with a sticker of a framed picture of a sailing ship in colour, different from the later one, but no black and white picture sticker. So, as I said, stickers can vary widely!

Blue-sailed ship, now that I can't comment on!


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