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System X Wall Height question RE: Oambati Station 4826


Hey friends,

   I am trying to add more walls to customize my Oambati station set, but the brown cabin walls are hard to come by affordably. Are there any other system X walls in ANY color that are the same height? They measure approx 4.75 inches tall.

Any help appreciated!

From what I can see, except for the wood grain, the walls are standard short X walls. 2 red connectors per side. These walls are about 4.75" tall.

Any X wall with 2 red pegs on a side edge should fit.
For example:
 4055 farm house, cream/ stone
3269 castle, gray/stone
4324 school or 5485 mall, white/plain (2nd story on both: 1st floor has 3 connector walls)

Perusing ebay, playmobil wall lots with "hospital", "jail", and "house" seem to often have the  right sized X walls.

Thank you, Doug! I appreciate the help!


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