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The siege of Patruicus.

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King Horatio turned the man over stabbed him once more. He lifted the visor up and with shock realized that he was staring into the face of the enemy leader.

One mountain tribesman noticed and with alarm, shouted, "The general is dead!!"

The remaining mountain tribesman fled the battlefield, only to be pursued by the Balthorian cavalry. The soldiers threw their arms up in triumph with a throaty roar. King Horatio's army was victorious and the enemy would not dare to attack Patruicus and the rest of Balthor again.


PlaymoMan :wave:

Wolf Knight:
A very nice battle! Full excitement!! Good to see King Horatio's forces winning the day!!!

That's a really great story loved the figures and the stories, glad to hear they all stood together and won against those nasty thieves  :)

I like how the queen is cheering in the last picture.  :)

Great story, will the kingdom truly be safe though?


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