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The siege of Patruicus.

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For those of haven't the previous Balthorian photo-story, here's a link:

The king wastes no time upon his return, and immediately calls for meeting with his generals and governors.
"As you both know, a large portion of our army was destroyed in the previous battle between our forces and the mountain tribes. Now, we must decide what our next steps shall be. Ideas, gentlemen?" said the king.
The governor Regulus spoke first. "Sir, I suggest that we avoid a frontal assault. We attempted that last time we engaged and it was a disaster."
General Horax interrupted him. "Regulus, you know how mighty the army of Balthor is. A frontal assault is the best way to wipe that rabble out.
"But-" Regulus attempted to reason with Horax.
"Enough!!" the king's voice boomed. "I have made my decision. Now listen carefully..."

Meanwhile, rumors of an upcoming campaign against the mountain tribes had spread across Balthor. Many men joined the army and in the weeks that followed, underwent rigorous training to prepare them for war. The Balthorian military soon had a large number of infantry and cavalry.

A number of nobles in Patruicus, fearing an attack by mountain tribesmen, were permitted to enter the king's palace, but many poorer civilians had been left outside the gates as there had been no room for more people. The city gathered up supplies - food, water and other necessities in case of a siege.

As the king's army were making preparations for war, the mountain tribesmen were advancing with alarming speed on Patruicus. They looted many towns and villages along the way, and even burnt down the second largest city in Balthor, home to many people including a large garrison. But, soon they discovered that their remaining supply of food was dwindling.

They found treasure, yet no food, forcing the tribesmen to close in even faster on Patruicus, before running out of supplies.

In Patruicus, Horatio was still not expecting the mountain warriors to reach the capital city for a few days. He was startled when one of his agents who had infiltrated the enemy camp informed him that the tribesmen would arrive at Patruicus in a day or less. He hastily prepared his army.

His plan was to position half his army at the front gate, while the rest hid behind the palace walls, ready to surprise the enemy.

Soon the opposing army arrived at the city, shouting war cries.

To be continued... :knight:

PlaymoMan :wave:

Fantastic! :) The tribesmen seem to be quite an eclectic group!


--- Quote from: Pynedor on August 03, 2012, 03:35:12 ---Fantastic! :) The tribesmen seem to be quite an eclectic group!

--- End quote ---

Yes, eclectic indeed! I used all my Vikings and barbarians for my Balthorian army, so I was left with a very limited selection of warriors. (Dragon knights, gladiators...)

Wolf Knight:
Great collection of diverse knights/vikings and other warriors!! Seems like an interesting war is coming!!!


Look forward to this war , looks like its going to be a bloody violent one with all those fearsome and heavily weaponed warriors . Bring it on sire !!!! look forward to see some WAR !!!  :viking:


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