Author Topic: 7757 Knight's family???????  (Read 4262 times)

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7757 Knight's family???????
« on: February 08, 2006, 10:20:34 »
One of my recent purchases has been the new DS set 7757 Knights family, now that I have it I’m not sure that Knights family is a good way to describe this set. It looks like somebody at the factory just picked out random parts from the spares bins in a sort of 10 second trolley dash to create this set.

The girl is not from the Knights theme she is as most can tell Victorian and I think she comes from 5312 children’s bedroom and has kept her hobbyhorse as well but in a different colour. The hat is from the magic theme best known from set 3839 Magicians workshop again just a different colour. The only true Knights part with this figure is the old style scarf thingy that hangs down from the top of the hat from the 70’s /80’s.

The boy is far to posh for this family with all that gold he just doesn’t fit in well at all, he comes from the fairy tale set 3032 Parrot cage and in my opinion should of stayed there.

The lady isn’t that bad a figure from the front but I’m put off slightly by the heart shaped design on the chest and she originally came from the magic theme 3841 rock temple. The back of this figure lets it down a lot, they have used the old brides Vail in purple with a huge purple bow, YUK.

The Knight, yes he does look like a Knight but he’s not a Knight he’s actually a Viking and can be found in the set 3155 Viking with Nessie. Out of all of the figures here though at least he does look more like he belongs in the Knight’s theme although when I look at him I just see a Viking.

So this really is a mixed bag of figures and parts from the Victorian, Fairytale, Magic and Viking themes not a true Knight’s theme figure to be seen anywhere so why try and call it a Knights Family?

Ok so I don’t like this set much so why did I spend £7.25 on it. Well it is supposed to belong to the Knights theme and when you are a Playmoholic collector like me you have to have em all, the good and the bad and this one is BAD, I give it 2/10 just for the Viking figure looking like a knight.
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Re: 7757 Knight's family???????
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2006, 15:44:41 »
That does look like quite an odd combination of figures now that you've pointed it out. :hmm:

Luckily, I've managed to overcome my own completist urges regarding Playmo collecting (well, mostly :toot:) and won't feel I have to buy it just because it is supposed to belong to a particular theme. ;D

These figures would probably look more at home in a Fairytale or Fantasy setting, I guess. :-\

Thanks for the extensive review and the photos, Garry. :)

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Re: 7757 Knight's family???????
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2006, 17:53:54 »
I did nnot purchase it to use as a family.

I like the womans hat.  It isnt easy getting the hast like this, and the cone is in a new color.

The woman had been difficult to get a hold of, at least for a while.
So getting some copies of her made the purchases worthwhile, for me


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Re: 7757 Knight's family???????
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2006, 18:21:25 »
I had the same feeling when I got this family - it is a mix of good and bad pieces/taste. The overall look is a bit like someone wanted to feed the people's apetite for Medieval civilians quite fast but I like the purple parts of the Medieval lady. With the right body you can turn her into a real beauty. The rest is silence.  ;D