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New Specialty Figure Faszination-flechten
« on: January 15, 2023, 19:16:14 »

Sympathetic figure for the wicker trade

LKR Lichtenfels – The Federal Guild Association of the Wickerwork is pleased about the appearance of the basket and wickerwork designer at Playmobil.

The sympathetic, 7.5 cm tall figure with a snappy hairstyle wears work trousers, boots and a red shirt with the logo of the Federal Guild Association. In her hands she holds a finished basket and her work tool, a knife. In fact, it hardly takes more to practice this profession. Braiding is a craft in the original sense and is one of the oldest craft activities of mankind. Braiding techniques and knowledge of materials have been refined and further developed. The Federal Guild Association is proud of the award as an intangible cultural heritage. For the first time he affords a promotional item of this kind to draw attention to the beautiful, versatile and traditional as well as future-oriented craft.

Edition of 25,000 pieces
The figure is available in an edition of 25,000 from January 23 through the Federal Guild Association. More information at . The Lebenshilfe Schwabach-Roth shop is available as a shipping partner. Individual member companies and the German Basket Museum in Michelau also have the figure. A booklet with information about the craft is included in the package. The work of the association is supported with the purchase. A board member who was enthusiastic about collecting had made contact with the production company Geobra Brandstätter (Playmobil).