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« on: February 11, 2013, 00:01:12 »
I don't know where I could publish this, so I put it here and, if any moderator think it'd better be somewhere else, make it so.

It's a sort of a "complaint" or simply a mental note, according to observation (of the picture) ...

That dwarf that was lauched in the fi?ures series (with the green clothes) isn't exactly a dwarf is it? :hmm:
I would think it rather as a short man. I've seen customized dwarfs somewhere else (people have been doing this for quite a while), and I notice that the best customs not only have shortened legs but shortened arms as well. And the fat klicky torso, which doens't look like to be the case of the "official" one ... Which goes well simply as a short fellow, not a dwarfish fellow ...

Any thoughts?
Anyway, that's my opinion. And not much fundamented, once I've not seen any of them ..with my hands ...