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Hello all, im hopefully about to start posting some diorama type stuff and i wanted to try to do a test run, but with little success. I tried to link up a random playmobil photo from online to a test subject and text of a new post...then when i clicked preview (hoping it would give me an idea what the post would look like) all i saw was my test subject and text. The test photo i attached did not appear at all...any hints/ideas? Thanks!

Just as a first check, make sure that you are using the correct code to display an image within a post. When typing the content of your message where you want to include an image, it should look something like this, with image tags surrounding the link to where the image is hosted:

--- Code: ---[img]link_to_image[/img]
--- End code ---

You also want to make sure that the image is properly hosted. You mentioned using a random image as your test image. Where was it being hosted? I suggest that you stick to images that you have uploaded somewhere yourself, rather than images that are already shown on other websites or that someone else is hosting somewhere. There are several different popular websites with free image hosting services available.

If you do not want to upload your images somewhere else for hosting, you could also try to attach them to your post if they are small enough. See the "Attachments and other options" section below where you type the content of your message if you'd like to do that instead.

Thanks for the reply to my post and thank you for your help. Since posting I was inundated with a rather serious bout with covid. Now that I’m back in my feet, I hope to finish up my first diorama asap. Hopefully the advice I’ve received will lead me on the correct path to being able to post in the near future. Although, considering how long it took me to even find where I posted this, I’m forced to realize just how technologically inept I am. I think it fair to say that I am a rather primitive being when it comes to all things technology. Alas, I will do my best, thanks again for your time…

No problem! Just let us know if you need any help when you're ready. :)


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