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My new Diesel Tank Depot


My new Diesel tank depot is of bicycles rack from set 3418, tank from set 70770 Cargo crane and gasoline pump set 3437

That's a nice piece of custom work, well done.

I've never seen that tank before; would you be so kind as to measure it for me, please?  It may help with a planned custom.

 :wave: playmofire
The tank is 8,4cm long 7,0cm height / 7,4cm with lid, the lid is fixed on top of tank and 7,2cm width
it consists of two parts 30468532 tank-cargo OT and 30452392 tank-cargo UT  8}

Thank you for that very comprehensive reply, pingo; it is much appreciated.   :wave:

That's some excellent looking custom work. Very realistic looking.  :)9


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