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Playmo3D Project - a computer based virtual building tool for Playmobil parts

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Sir Pleamo:
Who is behind the scene?
This is a hard question, right, in the beginning I was mainly on my own and most of the work has been done by me but there was and is such a strong support and influence of so many in the scene that you might find a lot of fingerprints in it. So thanks to chachalote, EmmaJ, Tiermann, Heather, Queen Tahra, henri_martini, Bonniebeth, WoT,  tonguello…  and why do you think Steck is now included, Giorginetto? …and so many more (including Klickywelt-members)…
But these massive support aside, there is really some more news to mention, I now really can say “we”, because I am very glad to have “recruited” some very helpful hands. We are now a team, so that we can (and hopefully will) work much faster and much more efficient. Actually, as already mentioned myself (Sir Pleamo) aside, there is henry_martini (playmofriends; gardenwargaming; Klickywelt) and Juan Ramos Ramirez (playmofriends) working on that project and let me tell you, both of them do a brilliant job! So thanks to you!
So if there are any comments, question, critics or whatever, do not wait to contact one of us via PM

Wow. This new version is absolutely breath-taking! And it's fantastic you have now included steck! This project is amazing, even the old version left me speechless and this is even more awesome. 

This really does look amazing. Nice work! :)

Wonderful to see the project still going strong, and that you have found some help. I haven't been doing anything in 3D for a while, too busy with real world projects. Hopefully I can get some time this winter to work up a couple of things that have been on my mind.

Steck!  :love: Looks great!


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