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Sir Pleamo:
Playmo3D – Library Version 3.0
Many of you have been in contact with my 3D-works in the past which was spread over playmofriends, but the whole project has reached a level that the next logical step is generating a new topic for this project. Because we are really happy to introduce you to the third Version of the Playmo3D-Project (in earlier versions called “3D-X-Library Project”), a computer based virtual building tool for Playmobil-building parts. For those that are new, yes this is the third major release already, so there is some history.

 The whole project started in summer 2010 with some thoughts about the possibility to plan a whole Playmobil harbor-diorama in System-X without having all the needed parts and space. My personal aim was to create a computer based 3D construction-kit for Playmobil building parts. For this purpose I chose SketchUp, a free but powerful 3D-Software with all the features that were in need for building up a library of part-files. After sharing the very first and sketchy results on some realized the possibility for the whole scene, e.g. saving and sharing ideas, planing, trying out... So they encouraged me to go on and after a short while it was chachalote from who asked me to share these ideas internationally at, and so I did. All what happend from that on was more I ever expected and became some kind of my personal collector's history. So many collectors and members in the scene started to use and supported or discuss my work so that it started to be a real “project” (for the whole story please read cachalote’s SYSTEM-X DESIGNER WANTED).  If you are interested in such themes in general you might enjoy reading Developing System-X, too.

Sir Pleamo:
What is Playmo3D and how can I use it for personal purpose?
Playmo3D is a collection (called the Library) of 3D-remodeled playmobil parts for use with SketchUp (8 and later). The free SketchUp software offers the possibility to integrate such files to work with. Therefore you are able to build nearly any constructions that could be build with real Playmobil parts as well, the difference is, it does not matter if you have these parts in some of your boxes or if you have the space to build huge and complex models. Or, why not building a huge castle on the bus ride in the afternoon? You also can save and store your ideas easily, share them with friends etc. Use your virtual construction as a construction sheet for real buildings or just explore parts you have never had in your hands virtually.
The possibilities are nearly endless, so try out what is your way with this Playmo3D-Library.

Sir Pleamo:
What is the 3.0 Library in detail, what is new in this version?
In detail this third release is no longer only a new version with some new parts (although it comes with a HUGE AMOUNT OF NEW PARTS) but a totally redesigned library to make building and handeling with these files so much easier. This version now is the result of a lot of feedback just from you, so it handles and tries to solve all the problems and difficulties you mentioned along the time.  Thanks for the support! Now it is not only some words when I say nearly everyone can use this tool without having much experiences in such 3D-software.

* The Grid System – a totally new and user-friendly handling
The major difference to earlier versions is the so called “Grid-System”. This is a system of hidden lines attached to the parts indicating how to connect the part with others. The difficulty of the former versions to match parts right is now very efficiently solved.
* Playmo3D has expanded  - Steck system is included
 For the first time STECK-building system is integrated; so this version is no longer an exclusively System-X tool but might be of interest for the whole spectrum of Playmobil building systems.
* Even Bob the builder will be jealous of this version
So build, build, build… There are now more than a thousand (!!!) part-files in the library. Even System-X Space is in the buildup. For sure, there is even a lot of work to do, but in the same way it is sure that you really can build a lot of constructions already or you simply get a very close look at some parts you have not at your place yet.

Sir Pleamo:
Is it an official Playmobil-release?
No, all the files, documentations and associated stuff are made in a purely private initiative,  so no rights of thirds are intended to be harmed. This is not an official project of Playmobil, Geobra Brandstätter nor is any other company associated in any way. Therefore there is neither a financial nor any other ambitions within this project.

Sir Pleamo:
Where can I get it and what is the price?
The packages, files, manuals, tutorials etc. are all freely downloadable but the download-link is password protected. If you are interested in the Playmo3D-Library for your PRIVATE use, you just have to contact us via PM to get the link and the password. So at the moment we only offers members of at least playmofriends or Klickywelt to get and use these parts. The  plan for the future is expanding the file database to (nearly) all building parts of Playmobil, so it will be in my and your interest not to share these files freely. If the parts will be freely shared this might lead to copyright problems with Geobra Brandstätter, Germany, what might kill this project immediately. Therefore THIS IS NOT SHAREWARE! There are several scenarios how to handle the publishing in the future, but at the moment please take this point seriously.
So what is the price? Juan Ramos Ramirez said it in this way, if you once have become familiar with the Library, you do not want to miss it for only one day… now he works on that project too, so the price seems to be your free time, because none of us can resist so much fun!


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