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Title: F.A.Q. : General Information for Members
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 10:23:50
F.A.Q. : General Information for Members

Here you will find some of the questions most commonly asked by new PlaymoFriends. If you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to contact a moderator. Clicking on the text in blue will take you directly to the information provided on each subject.

Why do I have to pay a membership fee? I've seen similar fan sites that are free.  (

What if I want to donate more to PlaymoFriends? (

When I registered I was asked if I was willing to be a moderator. What's that all about? (

Can kids join the forum and do they have to pay? (

What if I have a complaint about a post or another member's behaviour? (

Why does it says "Playmo Pal" on my Profile but "Playmo Fanatic" on others? Can I change it? (

Why do some members have special titles and names which appear in different colours on the index page? (

I don't like the username I chose when I registered. Can I change it? (

What is the difference between a board, a child board, and a topic? (

Can I edit my posts if I make a mistake or change my mind about what I posted? (

What is an avatar? How do I get one for myself? (

What is a signature and how can I add one to all of my posts? (

Is there a limit to how many photos I can post on the forum?  (

What are Personal Messages? How do I send and receive them? (

Are members allowed to post topics which offer Playmobil for sale? (

I sell Playmobil on eBay. Can I post links to my eBay auctions on PlaymoFriends? (

Why is the location field in my Profile mandatory? (

Help! I've never used an internet forum before. How do all these buttons work??! (
Title: Why do I have to pay a membership fee?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 10:47:34
We (the Admin and Founders) feel that to have an egalitarian board, everyone must contribute a little. Also, the simple fact is that running this site costs a good deal of money and none of us are in a position to fund it all on our own. So, we decided that a small membership fee of 6.00 Euros would be an inexpensive way to keep PlaymoFriends financially healthy without posing a financial hardship on anyone. The money received from members will be used primarily to fund maintenance of the site and our server space for hosting photos. Any money left over will be used to support special PlaymoFriends events, prizes for competitions and other fun stuff.

We prefer our members to pay their fee via PayPal, but if they are unable to do this we are happy to provide alternate methods wherever possible depending on the member's location and local currency.

The reason we ask for payment prior to posting is to help cut down on the number of people who might want to join only to cause trouble (i.e. trolls, flamers etc) and also Playmobil retail sellers who might want to take advantage of the captive audience of fans by joining solely to promote their businesses.

Title: What if I want to donate more to PlaymoFriends?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 10:56:01
Monetary donations to the PlaymoFriends forum will not be solicited or accepted. Our primary objective for having a set fee - aside from helping to raise funds - is to maintain a sense of all members being on an equal footing with one another. When everyone pays the same amount, no-one feels that they are relying on others to pay their way and keep the forum running. If a select group of members were to contribute additional funds, it is only natural that they would feel they had invested more in the site than a person who has only paid the standard membership fee, and this could lead to problems in the long term.

But there are other ways that you can help PlaymoFriends! You can volunteer your time and patience by becoming a Moderator, or you can get involved by offering to organise a site feature or event. All of these things will benefit the entire forum community in a very positive and happy way. :)
Title: When I registered, I was asked if I was willing to be a moderator...
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 10:58:04
As a member of this forum, you too have an investment and a say in the welfare of the site. To show our trust and appreciation of our members, we offer each and every person over the age of 18 the opportunity to serve as a Moderator (for 3 months, minimum) during their time at PlaymoFriends.

If you are willing to take part in this community program, we hope you indicated such on your registration. If not, and you wish to volunteer, please contact the site Administrator (;u=1) or one of the current Moderators, and they will let you know more about what is involved.

Title: Can kids join the forum and do they have to pay?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 11:14:33
Only those children who have a parent or guardian already at PlaymoFriends can join the forum. They will not be charged a membership fee. Other children under 13 years of age will not be allowed to join. Once they reach 13, any person is welcome to join PlaymoFriends, providing they can fulfill all the registration requirements.

We want to encourage our children to participate in the forum and experience the fun that we, as adults, have with this amazing toy, but we do not want our members to be forced into 'babysitting' other folk's offspring. ;)
Title: What if I have a complaint about a post or another member's behaviour?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 11:31:11
If you have a complaint, whether it is about PlaymoFriends or a member, please do not hesitate to contact a Moderator or the Administrator. These people are here to help and will do what they can to address your concern.

If you have a disagreement with another member, please try to work things out via personal message rather than on the public forums. If that doesn’t work or does not feel comfortable to you, contact a moderator.

If you have an issue with one of the Moderators or the Administrator, please use our personal messaging system or e-mail to contact them privately - or contact another Moderator if you do not feel comfortable dealing directly. Personal disagreements between users may not be posted publicly (nor through avatar or signature use) and will be deleted without notice. Do not start a topic or make public posts in any area of the forum for the purpose of expressing displeasure with the actions of a Moderator or the Administrator.

How to Contact a Moderator:

Each post has a link on the lower right that says "Report to moderator". When you click this link, you will get a box that provides room for your comment and a "Submit" button. Type in your concern (about that post or about the member who wrote the post) and click "Submit". Your message will be forwarded immediately to the Moderators of that board, and they will get back to you as promptly as possible.  Do not respond publicly to the member you believe is violating forum guidelines - one of the staff will do what is required upon contact.

Alternatively, each Moderator and the site Administrator are identified as such on their Profiles and in the [Members List] (;sort=ID_GROUP;start=0) under the "Position" column. (This is also linked at the bottom of the forum's index page.)  Please feel free to contact any of these people via PM when needed.

Title: Why does it says "Playmo Pal" on my Profile but "Playmo Fanatic" on others?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 11:36:15
These titles are given to you, along with "klicky heads" as your post count increases.* From the time you join until your 30th PlaymoFriends post, you are a "Playmo Pal". As your post count grows, your title will change and you will begin to accumulate more klickies as a result of reaching each level.
0-29  Playmo Pal 
30-99  Playmo Enthusiast  (
100-249  Playmo Fanatic  (
250-499  Playmo Lover  (
500-999  Playmo Addict  (
1000-9999  Playmo Master  (
10000+  Playmo Guru  (

The highest level that can be reached is "Playmo Guru" at 10,000 posts and 6 klicky heads.  At this point, you will turn a heavenly shade of purple (in the Users Online list)! ;D  As "Gurus", you may also find you need financial help, but you will be smiling all the time because you have gone beyond mere addiction and have entered a totally enlightened state of lifetime devotion to klickies! Congratulations!

Please note that the post-count based titles are more for fun than anything else, as we do not place more value on the contributions of a higher poster than those of a relative newcomer to our forum.

As a regular member, you do not have the option of changing your post-related title, but anyone has the ability to add a Custom Title which will appear directly under their name and/or a short piece of Personal Text which will appear below the avatar picture on their Profile. (Look for these fields on your "Forum Profile Information" page).

*Posts made in the PFZ (Playmo-Free Zone) do not count towards your total number of posts.
Title: Why do some members have special titles and names in different colours?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 11:55:14
When looking at other member's Profiles, you may notice that some people have different titles beneath their usernames and different coloured status icons. These users (along with the "Playmo Groupies") also have their names displayed in a colour other than black when listed on the forum index page. This is designed to act as an easy recognition tool amongst people when visiting and using the forum. 

The titles given to the following membergroups are related to the duties they perform at PlaymoFriends:

Administrator  (
The person responsible for the general maintenance of the forum and also for making modifications to the software that runs it. She created PlaymoFriends and has the ability to edit, delete, move or otherwise modify any topic on the forum.

Moderator  (
Someone entrusted by the forum's administrator to help regulate postings. They do their best to ensure discussions stay productive and within the guidelines. Our moderators are people who are here to help you feel welcome, to answer your questions and concerns, and to ensure that the site runs smoothly so that all members might enjoy the time they spend here. They have the power to open/close threads, move them to other forums, delete threads, edit posts, but only in those forums to which they have been assigned. The goal of PlaymoFriends Moderators is to serve as a valuable resource to members -- to teach and to learn from their friends here.

Title: I don't like the username I chose when I registered. Can I change it?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 12:10:05
You don't have the ability to change it yourself, but the Administrator will happily do this for you if you request it. It is not advisable to change your name frequently as this could lead to confusion amongst other PlaymoFriends members.

If you do decide to change your screen name after you have registered, you should note that your log-in name will remain the same as it was when you joined.
Title: What is the difference between a board, a child board, and a topic?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 12:18:33
PlaymoFriends is a forum.

Within our forum are several categories such as General and Marketplace. These dictate the nature of the boards located inside them. Each board is also defined by a name such as "News" in order that people know where to look for or post information. Some boards also have child boards - this is not a board designed specifically for younger members; it is simply an off-shoot provided for additional topics which are somehow related to the main board they come under.

Within the boards, you will find index pages containing lists of topics. Clicking on the title of a topic brings you to the first post in that topic. If it has a "New" icon next to it, this indicates a new post has been added to the topic since you last visited. Clicking "New" will take you directly to that post.

Before creating a new topic, take the time to think about which board it would be best suited to as this is helpful to all members when looking for information. You might find that someone has already beaten you to it and created a similar topic. If that is the case, you can easily post a reply to their topic (rather than beginning a new one) as you may well have something further to add on that particular subject. Don't panic if you mistakenly post your topic in the wrong place - the Moderators, Co-Founders and Administrator will be doing regular checks of the boards and will move your topic if they feel it is beneficial to keeping the forum tidy.
Title: Can I edit my posts if I make a mistake or change my mind about what I posted?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 12:43:10
Yes! At the top right of each post is a button labelled "modify". We recommend that you use this if you have just posted and noticed a glaring error in your post or remembered something else you wanted to add, rather than double posting immediately after your initial post.

If you click "modify", your post will re-open and be editable within the message screen. You must click "Save" at the bottom of this screen for the changes to be made on your original post.  Please be aware that a 'time/date stamp' showing that the post has been edited (and by whom) will be noted at the bottom of the post if you edit it more than 5 minutes after first submitting it.

We trust our members to be able to modify or delete their own posts.  However, if this ability is abused by using offensive language, and then deleting it, this ability may have to be restricted. 
Title: What is an avatar? How do I get one for myself?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 13:17:43
An avatar is a visual representation of your PlaymoFriends "identity". 

Most members create their own custom avatar from a photo of a Playmobil figure, animal, and such, but we also have some ready-made avatars that you can select from if you're not creatively inclined or simply don't have the time to make one.

You can access these by clicking on your Profile button in the menu at the top of the page, then selecting "Forum Profile Information" from the navigation section on the left. In the window that appears choose between one of the "Personal Pictures" (select Female, Male, or Other to see what’s available).

To use a custom avatar, select the "I have my own pic" option and input the web address if it is remotely hosted. If you want us to store the avatar for you, use the "I will upload my own picture" option, and then click "browse" to find your avatar photo. Please note that maximum avatar size is set at 100x100 pixels and it is not possible to upload or link to an image larger than this.

If you have an idea in mind for an avatar pic but do not know how to make one yourself, feel free to ask your fellow members for help as there are many creative people here who will be willing to do this for you at no cost or obligation.

Title: What is a signature and how can I add one to all of my posts?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 13:30:43
A signature is a phrase or quote of your own choosing that can be made to appear at the bottom of each of your posts. You can add one on your "Forum Profile Information" page, a link for which is found under Modify Profile in the side menu.

Your PlaymoFriends signature should not detract from your post or anyone else's, so it's a good idea to keep it relatively short - no more than 4 lines maximum (when typing into the field provided) is a good rule of thumb. If possible, stick to the default size attributed to signatures which keeps the text smaller than the standard font size used in posts, but if using a serif font like Georgia or Courier it might be advisable to increase the size slightly to aid legibility.

When you insert a signature on your Profile, it adds this particular text to ALL of your posts on the forum, even the ones you made before you chose to have a signature. And if you change your signature at a later date, it will automatically over-write the signature you used on earlier posts.

Like all other parts of a post on PlaymoFriends, signatures should be respectful and not rude or insulting. Try to avoid references to openly controversial subjects in your sig -- people come here to have fun and to read about Playmobil, not to be constantly reminded about politics or any other 'burning issues' happening in the outside world. ;)

You can use the BBC tags to change the look of your signature or add Smileys, but please do not link to any images in this space. These can become an unnecessary distraction and an annoyance for other members who generally enjoy reading people's signatures and don't wish to turn off the setting altogether. You may include hyperlinks to personal non-profit websites in your signature, provided they are suitable for members of all ages to visit.
Title: Is there a limit to how many photos I can post on the forum?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 14:03:31
Every PlaymoFriends member has a total attachment limit of 10000kb (=10mb) within the forum. You can post a maximum of 4 photos on a single post, and any given photo cannot be more than 100kb. The total of all 4 cannot exceed 300kb per post.

PlaymoFriends also provides a separate gallery area known as the Photo Album for all of its registered members. You can access it via a button in the menu at the top of the page after you have logged in. Here you can create your own personal album and upload unlimited quantities of photos into it, but please remember that children are also able to view these photos, so use discretion as to what you include there. ;)
Title: What are Personal Messages? How do I send and receive them?
Post by: Sylvia on November 08, 2005, 14:11:18
Personal Messages (PMs) are similar to e-mails except that they are located within the forum and you need to be logged in to read them. Only the sender of a message and the receiver are able to read them as the area is password protected.

If a member has chosen to receive PMs, the easiest way to send them one is by clicking on the small green scroll symbol situated at the bottom of their Profile window on any given posting page of a topic. If you go into the more detailed page of their Profile by clicking on the member's name, you will also see a text link which has the same function near the bottom of the Summary, under "Additional Information". Another way to send PMs is by going into your Messages area and clicking on the "New Message" link, top left.

If you have a new PM, it will be visible to you after logging in, via the announcement at the top of the forum page, just above the main menu. It will say something like "Hey, Sylvia, you have 305 messages   (just kidding :P) , 1 is new. The quantity of messages is always highlighted in blue. This is a link which when clicked will take you directly to the in-box where your Personal Messages are located.

Members have a limit to the total amount of PMs they can store in their message area at one time. For "Pals" through to "Addicts" the total is 50; for "Masters" the amount is 100. You can keep tabs on the quantity already being stored there by watching the PM level indicator in the left nav menu. If it's nearing the limit, it's advisable to prune them back because you won't be able to receive any more once you've reached your limit. The messages total takes into account the quantity being stored in both Inbox and Outbox, so you should get in a habit of clearing out both areas regularly.

You can elect to have a pop-up window announce your new Personal Messages while you are logged in, or you can select to have e-mail notification. If you want to cover all bases, enable both! By default, a copy of all received messages is saved in your Inbox (of course :P), but if you want to save the sent ones you should click the option bottom left on the Personal Message screen (Save a copy in my outbox) before sending it. However, if you want ALL sent messages to be automatically saved in your Outbox, you can easily configure this (and add the above notification methods) via the "Personal Message Options" link in your Profile area. See attached screenshot for help.
Title: Are members allowed to post topics which offer Playmobil for sale?
Post by: Sylvia on March 20, 2007, 08:35:17
From time to time, collectors may find that they have surplus sets or loose Playmobil parts/figures that they no longer wish to keep due to lack of space or other reasons. Regular PlaymoFriends members – ie. those who we know well because they have introduced themselves and participated often in general topics – are permitted to sell these items to other members via the forum by posting a topic in the Marketplace. This opportunity to sell items is limited to once per year for every member, and it is not necessary to request permission from the admin first, provided that the requirements mentioned here have been fulfilled.
Title: I sell Playmobil on eBay. Can I post links to my eBay auctions on PlaymoFriends?
Post by: Sylvia on March 20, 2007, 08:36:37
Collectors love to find out about good deals and items on offer, so we do want our members to feel comfortable letting their friends here know they have auctions for Playmobil on eBay. One rule we do have regarding this is that you wait until reaching Playmo Enthusiast level before posting any specific topics about buying, selling or auctions. After this second level has been reached and we have had the opportunity to get to know you a little better, you will automatically receive access to a board created specifically for this type of discussion.

However, if we determine that you are only a member of PlaymoFriends in order to advertise your auctions, we will considered that an abuse of the purpose of membership and ask you to stop.
Title: Why is the location field in my Profile mandatory?
Post by: Sylvia on March 20, 2007, 08:39:08
This is because it is often very important for other members to know where you are located in order to properly help you. Let's say you wanted to know how to order from the Direct Service or which stores have the best deals - if your location is already indicated on your Profile, we can answer your questions right away without needing to ask where you are first.

It's also beneficial for members wishing to trade with one another to know the location of the person who is offering to trade or looking to receive items, because it gives them a rough idea of whether they can afford to trade with that person without needing to write and ask them. Some people may not wish to deal with members outside of the country they live in, for example, because of prohibitive shipping costs to overseas destinations.

If you feel this is too great an invasion of your privacy, please just state the country or continent you are living in on your Profile, as this is usually enough information. :)
Title: Help! I've never used an internet forum before. How do all these buttons work??!
Post by: Sylvia on March 20, 2007, 08:40:11
First of all... don't worry!
Everyone has to start somewhere and no-one expects you to know how to use everything when you first join. ;)

You can familiarise yourself with most of the posting functions available to members through reading the [SMF User Help] ( pages or the [F.A.Q. on Posting] (

If you have a question which isn't answered by either of these, then please feel free to post a topic about it in the [Technical Support] ( board.