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Hello everyone!

Great to find this forum and just wanted to say hello. I've been a fan of Playmobil for a long time and now having children of my own I have found my love for it all over again!

I've recently dug out all my childhood sets and been buying a few various new ones. I've started to get into customising the figures as well this time around.

Thanks for having me  :)

Welcome! :)

Hi xcom, welcome to this corner of the internet  :wave:

Which sets did you have as a child? Any themes you're interested in specifically?

Do share your customs and creations:  :picsplz:

Hello and welcome  from Stroud, Gloucestershire. :wave:

Would I be right in thinking you are from the UK too (judging by your avatar!)?

Echoing Birdie's request, do tell us what sets you enjoyed in your childhood (I didn't have PM, just Brittain's, Corgi, Matchbox, Lego and the like... :( )

Welcome from the North Yorkshire coast!


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