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Hello from London

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Hi All,

UK based and only got round to joining after being a forum viewer for around a year.

As a child I had quite a few western sets (unfortunately my mother gave them away!) and a pirate and a few redcoats.

My interest in Playmobil resurfaced with my son getting into them after I purchased a pirate duo pack from the middle of Lidl and started getting him pirate themed pieces as it also went well with my interest in Sea of Thieves (not that I play that much as have 2 kids now).

After over a year we’ve started to amass a number of sets, all in the Pirate theme.

I guess my real passion started when upon seeing the Playmobil Pirates movie on YouTube to surprise my son I took it upon myself to get as many of the pieces from the short film as possible (other than the ships as we already had 70411). This took a little bit of eBay hunting as a number of sets were discontinued (plus having to source from UK only to avoid import charges). That combined with using eBay and manuals to add a crane to the 70411 really kicked off spare part hunting and finding specific sets. The earlymodernplaymobil blog took me into spare part ordering directly with Playmobil to add to sets (wish I’d seen the blog before adding the crane as that would have saved time!).

As with other forum members space is an issue for me so this hobby hasn’t fully taken hold. I’d have got a load of the medieval/history houses in the sale end of last year before the prices went up. One of my favourite pieces is a custom house purchased from eBay which I think is a combination of the old museum and another house and is three floors with the two houses side by side with a joining walkway. I’ve since replaced the red roof with the blue ones from the Yellow House to make it look more like a “pirate town”. Will share a picture at a later date.

Overall there’s just something about Playmobil that most toys don’t have. That attention to detail, the room for children to add imagination…and brutally honest unlike the other more successful toy that’s always mentioned at the same time - it doesn’t fall apart when you play with it.

Looking forward to taking part in the forum and wishing you all a Happy New Year,

A warm welcome from the North Yorkshire coast and thank you for the interesting introduction.

I flirted with the prate theme at one time.

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Welcome from Oregon USA!

Hello from a former Londoner; I lived in SE4 1YG.

Welcome from Portugal!

Looking forward to those pics ;)


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