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Re: 6822 - Playmo-Friends Caribbean Bucaneer
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Just checked out the other set, and I see what you mean.

Iím not trying to be funny here, but itís true that when one lives in a warm, sunny climate, like the whole Med region, oneís skin colour changes all the time according to the time of year.

I mean, I live in Belgium where the weather is what it is, and many people from the Maghreb who live there - In Belgium, I mean - arenít as tanned, as dark, as the ones you see if you go on holiday to Tunisia, or wherever.

For us (Med people) skin colour is way fluider than people of other skin types can maybe imagine. People from India always seem to be that kind of bronze colour as far as my eyes can see, and black people always seem to be black, but again, it could just be that my eyes donít see the different nuances.

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