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Somewhere Else
« on: June 08, 2023, 08:10:27 »
     In the beginning, there were only dreams. Well, not only a world of imagination, but those visions of fantasy and hope collided into another realm. Memory was more than a subject for recall. There were tales made of stone, and wood, and trees unlike the other world. They were real. They were alive. Everything was warm.
   The warmth swam between two distinct riverbanks. For a time, we held the earthen sands from each side as evenly as we could. Yet, the grasp of one hand found sand falling far quicker through its fingers. Another age came in a forgotten blink, and a once vibrant reality became nothing more than whispers and lies.
   What more could have been done to fight back against the tides of time? Without even a quiet warning, landscapes were ripped apart at their seams. A darkness formed around the edges of a different existence. Age-old mold sought to curl the truth from words wrought on parchment.

     The harder we held on to our love, the easier it was to let go in the same breath. The imagination could no longer be sent to describe a once vibrant plain. There were no messengers to sing songs of remembrance. The heart became pale. When did it all change? There was once a place to put that love. There was once a place. The pathways were forgotten. A clear truth faded into a distance that felt unreachable…

…And yet, the light has not completely faded beyond an endless shroud. There is still hope. There is still love. Can you not see the house tucked in the pines? A small home, one alive with a story to tell. Plastic walls becoming more, becoming stone. We want knock on that familiar door, and we may.
     Try to listen for the whispers. They know the way. Is it possible to find somewhere else once more?..