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Hi my name is breadmobil


and I'm a playmoholic

Hello!  :wave:
Recently I have become intensely obsessed with playmobil. I did have a few figures as a kid and have always liked it but suddenly it has become my favourite thing! So I am very excited to be a member of this forum  ;D

I'm working on a big project, which I'll probably share at some point when it's nearer completion, and playmobil pieces are perfect for it. I've bought so much playmobil in the past month it's felt like the best christmas ever. Especially since it's May!

Anyway it's nice to be around likeminded people, I can't take anyone else telling me they prefer lego, they're nothing alike  >:(

Welcome from Portugal!

Most of us (at least) are probably playmoholics here :)

Looking forward to details on that big project!

Thank you!! The big project is taking up my whole spare room, so now I can't have guests to stay unless they're about 8cm tall

welcome from Oregon USA!

I remember that phase of was about ten years ago for me. I was buying little plastic fruits off ebay...good times! It dwindled to a steady glow, thankfully.  8}


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