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How to Revive Maisie & Fred's Excellent Adventure

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Wolf Knight:
After a recent thread that is very similar to this one, and Elaine's comment on it, the mods thought of making this topic a sticky one, so that everyone can see it and find it easily. Here's the topic I mentioned:

We were thinking of whoever is interested to revive this adventure with their own contribution.  :)

As some people might find it difficult to get hold of Maisie and Fred now, how about suggesting two other klickies - perhaps Maisie and Fred's children/grandchildren who could send their adventures back to Maisie and Fred? 
Meanwhile anyone who has Maisie and Fred could still use them. 
That way, it wouldn't exclude anyone who doesn't have them.


Wolf Knight:
A very good idea Elaine! Bonniebeth had the same thing in mind.

That's a very good idea.  The travels of Mis Fit reminded me of the Miss Cis story that was on Playmoboard where a figure was shipped round from member to member.

Yes, Elaine, I had this same idea! I think we should select a special to be Maisie and Fred's son or daughter and continue their legacy. That way anyone who doesn't have the right klicky can easily acquire it without a lot of expense. I think having just one klicky might make it easier/cheaper, but then having a couple would make it more interesting, perhaps....


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