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Maisie and Fred's Excellent Adventure

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And they meet Fluff.

They arrived for a quick visit ;), this time, on the Winter days of August in Rio ... Pretty hard to find a sunny day or a blue sky, when the winds from Antartida come, this time of the year. Rio State shore is "horizontal" in the map*, and it happens that cold waters from the icy continent are blocked here in this Brasilian State. If you wish to come to Brasil for warm ocean waters, go north of Rio (Espírito Santo State, Bahia State), because Rio waters are cold (even on Summer -- However, once the weather is of high temperatures on Summer, it's, sometimes, pleasant to go into very cold waters ... Anyway, back to Fred and Masie ...).

Once they visited, they wished to walk around. I thought about taking them to visit my grandparents, but it didn't seem exactly what Fred was willing to do, however Masie did get excited about it! :yup:

It occured that, by chance (completely out of plans, specially because it's Winter), a few friends of mine decided to go visit Santa Cruz fort. It's placed in Niterói, the city right in front of Rio, on the other side of the Guanabara bay. I almost forgot to tell Fred I was going, but, before leaving, I looked at them, and Fred looked at me, and he said: "you aren't even conjecturing to leave us behind, are you, lad??!! :hmm:", so, I grabbed them & the camera, and, well, there it came the two pictures below.

"Come on, Gus! ... I know you're having fun with your friends, but I have to have a picture with the Sugar Loaf!!!"

& Here, Masie, saying "Oh, what a splendid view, Gus! ... You'll take us up there, when we're back, won't you, on Summer?",
and Fred, admiring the rock, at the other side of the bay.
I'll actually have to take them at Santa Cruz fort again, on Summer, as well ::) But this is a beginning for Fred and Masie in Rio.

*I'd like to provide better maps ... Maybe in the future; for now, you'll find it clicking here & here

On Friday, Maisie and Fred came with us to a wedding.



After a long trip from Martin's London home, our world travellers wait patiently to be greeted at Crown Bay Marina.

They seem to be cooling their shoes. Apparently the pavement was a bit too warm on their feet ...  :klickywink:

After they have had an opportunity to rest up, we'll show them some of the island's highlights.

However, their journey has just really begun. Next week, we leave for Denver, Colorado. Then it's off to Houston, Texas for a few days before we drive to Fort Lauderdale.

So, Masie and Fred will get to see some of the Rocky Mountains, most of the Gulf coast and the best of south Florida before we head back to the Virgin Islands.

Thanks, Martin!

All the best from F&M and me.

see attachment

Maisie and Fred visit Flamborough

Last Friday, the 15th, Diane and I went to Flamborough Head on the east coast of Yorkshire.  It was the day with the best weather forecast and the forecast was right, warm and sunny, a bit breezy (but pleasant enough as we walked some six miles), and some spectacular clouds.

We arrived about lunchtime so found a restaurant and had a good Yorkshire lunch - farm gammon steak (not the standard shaped reconstituted ones, but a real steak as it came off the pig) with fried egg on top for me and pineapple for Diane.  They came with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, boiled new potatoes, mushy peas, green peas, carrots, cauliflower, French beans, fried onion rings and onion gravy.  We didn't bother with a dessert!

After that we walked to Flamborough Head, which is where the photos start.

The first picture is of what is called The Old Lighthouse, although there is no evidence that it ever was that!  It was possibly built as a folly.

2nd photo: It was opposite Flaborough head that four American ships led by John Paul Jones fought two Royal Navy ships in 1779.  This plaque commemorates the incident but diplomatically doesn't refer to the outcome.  (On the original photo the plaque can be read easily, but unfortunately not on the reduced version.)  The battle was fought almost exactly on the Greenwich Meridian (0 degrees longitude).

Next, Fred and Maisie examine the toposcope which also was erected to mark the same incident.  This relates Flamborough Head to various places in the UK and the world.  For example, from Flamborough Head to John o' Groats (the most northerly point on the mainland) is exactly the same distance as from Flamborough Head to Land's End, the most southerly point, while London is 172 miles away and Edinburgh 176.

Lastly, a map showing the area.


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