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Is it just me or have the prices of trains skyrocketed?

$900 for a 4052
$600-$700 for a western train
$500 for a 3958
$400 for a diesel

Even the RC trains are way up

Then there are the wagons typically starting at $100

Yes, they have.

Yep, in the last three years or so the prices have really gone up. At least the asking prices have. Are they actually getting those prices? There are still some ok prices if you watch carefully. Managed to get the Christmas train this year for about $335 including shipping and felt like that was reasonable considering rarity and style.

Yes the Christmas train is a nice unique set that any holiday diorama seems incomplete without . We used to set it up around the tree until the boys became not so small.

It just seems that the prices took off which triggered a bunch of sets to hit the market. I’m currently trying to negotiate the deals back down to earth but am have little success

We’ll see after the holidays when people need to pay their credit cards off and they need cash

I agree that prices seem to have hiked recently, but luckily I don't collect trains. I made the decision early on and have stuck to it, so far.
Surely, its time geobra started reissuing train sets? There is clearly a demand.


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