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For those who are repairing or own Faller Play Train and don't have the manuals I can send you them in PDF format.
Please send me an e-mail with your e-mail address and ask for the manuals your are looking for.

The following manuals are available:

— Faller Mini Play Train 3515 (in low and high resolution).
— Faller Play Train Intercity 3617 (in low and high resolution).
— Faller e-Train 3844 electro magnet for uncoupling rails, points, signals and lorry tipping device.
— Faller 3860 oil station for loading and unloading tank cars.
— Faller e-Train manual.
— Faller Gleisplan. Sheet with example of Faller rails so you can understand the rail system.

— Faller headboards for Faller Mini Play Train. A sheet which I made with several headboards that you can print on photographic paper in your printer. They fit on the small Faller Mini Play Train locomotives. See example below.

Thanks, that is really nice of you to share the info, thanks  :xmascheer:


— Faller Play Train 3602 (in low and high resolution)

— Headcode for Play Train Intercity 3617. It is possible to alter the city names if you wish so. Please contact me. See example below:

Junker Jörg:
Zur Zeit steht mein Fallermaterial noch in einer Kiste und wartet auf mehr Zeit von mir...

...aber das, was Du da hast, schaut klasse aus! Gibt's auch Photos von Deiner Anlage?

Actually my faller stuff's waiting for the day I might have time to deal with it  8}. Your work looks splendid! You don't incidentally have some pics of your  layout?


I don't have a permanent layout, but recently I've bought two new switches. So, a new opportunity to make pictures :).


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