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We used to have a photo contest, and it was lovely  :heart:, so your idea for a storytelling competition sounds fabulous!

I don't have enough spare time to do actual Playmobil dios/stories anymore, although I keep collecting here and there with the idea of starting things up again, some day. Dreaming is important  ;D

Who knows maybe one rainy day youíll have some spare time to enter the smaller contest? Also, if you think extending the time past two months will help, that is a suggestion Iím all for! As long as there is interest Iíll take any and all suggestions or preferences and hammer out definitive guidelines and post them within a week if that sounds appealing...

In the Spanish "playclicks" forum there has been an active micro-story competition since November 2007. Many people have contributed since then with their stories. And some of them are really very good. I encourage you to do something like this. Regards!

Each month a thread is opened to publish the stories, and another thread to publish comments. From the 25th to the last day of the month, any forum user can give their rating, in a thread that is opened for voting.

You can browse with CHROME, use the automatic translation tool of the website and check it on this link:


I can't enter (my Playmobil and me are not on the same continent  :lol: ), but if I were to then it might be a good idea to theme it - even if it's very loose?

I don't think you need to offer a prize, and then it could be more frequent. Maybe one every two months, and the themes could be planned out, so people could get ideas or just know which ones they wanted to enter? And you just get the honour of winning  :lol:

     Interesting suggestion concerning the other website, but I couldnít seem to find where to translate the site. In any case, if possible Iím certainly open to pulling ideas from their site, however, I think it would be great if we had one of our own! Also, Iím totally okay with creating a theme for the story contest, but I didnít want to alienate anyone if their collection would not be able to accommodate a particular theme. It could be a good idea to create the contest many times and have the theme change, but we would need to make sure there is sufficient interest- Iím not even sure if we definitely have the interest for this current one!
     Having a prize associated with the contest was merely a fun way to put some good vibes out there during a difficult time for a lot of people, we of course already get to play with the toys we love and of course the honor of winning is a valid point for sure. Oh I almost forgot, for people who may not be near their collection- I see no problem with allowing past dioramas entrance into the contest, if we did this youíd be able to post anything youíve created? Just a random idea to help... So we shall see. Thank you for the ideas, maybe we could have a vote on all of the undecided variables as well as figuring out the number of people even potentially interested. Iím thinking, at some point soon, we should make sure there are enough people who want to join in on the fun...


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