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The first Viking?

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Hello everyone,
I made this Viking eons ago.  The helmet is made from the silver pointed helmet from the first knight sets.  The horns were  first made from clay, but he took a tumble recently, so I made them from the skull in the western set.  The shoes are Indian moccasins.  The vest and cape are made from clay.  I am not sure where the spear and shield came from.   
I sent a picture of him to Playmobil long before the Viking sets came out.

Best regards,


Considering that the 4519 special was the first viking that Playmobil produced,
I think you deserve credit for the vikings, Jim

Too bad they didnt send you a box of them.
You deserved it

i like it. ;D

about what year did you make it?

I agree with me - you must have had some influence on them.

That design of shield was used with a number of figures.  The 4505 prince which came out in early 1994 was one, the 4519 Viking coming out late 1995.  (Information gleaned from Collectobil.)

The first line shoulkd have read "I agree with meg"  I always agree with me.

He looks GREAT! :)9

The earthy tones in his clothing also make him look more realistic than the vikings produced by Playmobil. ;)

I especially like his clay vest. You're obviously skilled at sculpting in many different mediums. 8-)


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