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around 1900

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Starting threads in forum no. 4. I tried to keep it simple and "work" in only 3 forums but as I came here as a member of the Pilot Group I think I should share some of my customs here. I will use this forum to show all the civilian topics I find unsuitable for the gardenwargaming-forum. So to see everything you have to look on both sites.

:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:
I can't wait to see your Civilian customs,
(really any of your customs) here. ;D

Wolf Knight:
These are beautiful specialist!!! I like the second couple very much and the first two gentlemen are so colourful!!! hank you for sharing these wonderful customs of yours!!!


Ralf, number 28 (the middle couple) might be one of the best customs that you have ever done!
(However, white beards seem to always add a nice touch!) ...  ;D

Wow, these are gorgeous customs! I especially like the couple in the middle.  :)9 :hatoff:


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