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Little Jo:
When the BBQ dad special (4649) came out, this was a must for a modern themes collector like me. Although it looks very nice on the box's photograph, it seems to me that something was missing, when I unpacked and assembled it. Because the bottom hemisphere of the barbecue looks somehow empty, I decided to add the missing piece and customized some coals. I used the potatoes basket inlay (30 09 6850) for this purpose: the edge has been removed with a Dremel (usage with the cylindric sanding top part) in that way, that it fits into the grill and the grate still can be placed on top as foreseen. I painted the potatoes with Revell 32125 luminous orange mat enamel paint (using priming paint first).
Additionally I produced a second identic inlay which I painted black mat (or to be precise: anthracite mat) for coals not on fire.

By the way, the sausages chains from the butcher shop (4412) are very useful to setup a BBQ: with a sharp knife you can break up the chain into single sausages which are much nicer for decoration.

[This article is also available at my homepage.]

Sir Gareth:
That's great Little Jo,

 A simple little custom job and it looks very effective, I think all BBQ's should have hot potatoes under them.  ;D

Thanks for the tips  :)

And a nice picture you got there. All you are missing now are rainclouds  >:(


Super idea! This is a really nice way to add an extra touch of realism to your Playmo scenes. :D Thanks for sharing it, Jochen! :)9

I already separated some of the butcher shop sausages for a bbq pic too. :yup:

Btw, are Little Jo and Kay expecting company? That's a lot of sausages for just 2 people. ;D

That's a neat bit of customising, Jochen.  A third option would be a mix of the luminous orange and the anthracite to give the impression of a barbecue which has just been refuelled.


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