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--- Quote from: Tim_w on January 30, 2006, 11:51:01 ---Hello  All  :)
... my Ghost Pirates ... make a very sinister sight in the darkness of my room at night.
--- End quote ---

Tim, I'm not sure that I could sleep with your "Ghost Pirates" in MY room at night ...  :o
(Do you keep both eyes closed? Or, do keep one eye open, just in case?) ...

Thanks for sharing and Cap'n Henry better watch out for YOUR pirates ... :arrr:

Thise customs are very cool, but I am not sure I would want them in my bedroom, at night.

Thanks for sharing.
I hope you will share future photos of these guys and their exploits.


Little Jo:
Wow, these are scary ... and a complete army of them. Don't want to mess up with them ...  :hmm: maybe it's time for a Ghost Busters customization ... anybody thought or realized this before?

Little Jo:
BTW somehow reminds me on the motion picture "The Fog" ...

Hello  Sylvia, Corkscrew, Richard, Meg, Little Jo

Thank you very much for the kind feedback. I will certainly try and get a picture of them glowing. It is quite a strange effect in the dark because they only glow in places where there is no paint such as the rips in the clothing. Because of this the rest of the body takes the form of a dark shape.
Richard. I certainly do have to keep on eye open at night but not just for the Ghost Pirates. I have a few more ghostly klickies in my collection one of which is very sinister, however the one who scares me the most is the Nightmare Man (my avatar)  :lol:.
Little Jo. John Carpenters film The Fog inspired me to create the Ghost Pirates to a certain extent. There is a particular scene at the end of the film where Blake's crew are all standing together in the fog which my Ghost Pirates are based on. I do have a still picture of the scene in question but i think it is a little to scary to post.

Kindest Regards  Tim


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