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Hello  All  :)

I have recently been going through my collection re-taking pictures of past custom's for Playmofriends. Most of these have revolved around my Playmobil fire service but taking a break from that for now here are my Ghost Pirates. Some of you may have seen these before but there have been a couple of new additions to the crew since then. They are all made from the old glow in the dark ghost and make a very sinister sight in the darkness of my room at night. If all goes to plan i will take them outside this evening and hopefully if the pictures come out i will show you them glowing.

Kindest Regards  Tim

Here are a couple of close up shots of two crew members.

This is Blake the captain. He is named after a similar type of character in John Carpenters film The Fog which inspired me to make my ghost pirates.

I hadn't seen these before! :D

They are very spooky-looking! I like the way each one has quite an individual look due to their different coloured clothing and varied accessories.

I'd really like to see some night-time shots of the ghostly crew too. I hope the glow shows up on the pics. 8-)

Thanks for posting these, Tim. :)

Really cool!  :)


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