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Filler neck for jerry cans


Little Jo:
Just a small "customization"  ;) like my fuel cap.
(For more infos and another photo please have a look here.)

I brought this up here, because I had quite a while ago a discussion/conversation with Gordon on another board about the "creation" of such a filler neck; Gordon preferred the straight connector variant, I the bended one, but I never have shown my tries/results, so here is my final solution. (For me this bended variant looks more similiar to the real live filler neck versions I know from own experience.)

Actually this picture contains another customization, or to be more precise some little sticker work: the west of the fireman got the imprint "Einsatzleitung", which means "group leader" in German (although I'm not sure, if this is the right term, but that's what my dictionary says  ;)).

Nice custom, Jo.  It looks very good.  You''re really getting into the fire theme aten't you.

I've always tranlsated einsatzleitung when applied to a vehicle as control unit or, to use the modern term, command and control unit.  That would seem to fit in with your translation - the firefighter in command at an incident.

Looks like a perfect fit! :)

A small modification, but still very effective. 8-)

I wouldn't be surprised if we see Playmobil 'borrowing' this idea sometime in the future. ;)

Hello  Little Jo  :)

Thank you for sharing your customs with us. I allways liked your  filler and fuel cap for the jerry can because they are really cleverly done. Your group leader is also a very nice custom, i particularly like the sticker on the back of the hi-vis vest. I am really looking forward to seeing more of your work  :)9

Kindest Regards  Tim  :wave:


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