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« on: March 19, 2010, 12:25:34 »

Watts Train Shop has been selling Playmobil and LGB trains for many years.

I have been buying Playmobil online from Mrs. Watts for about twelve years.
They have always had the best prices and their service is first class!

Today they sent out the following notice about their new website and auction.
I'm posting it here only as information for Playmofriends train collectors:

"We hope all is well with you and yours. As you know we had some
intolerable problems with our website and auctions in the past. We have
decided to start over and do everything in-house. The biggest change is
that we are using a bigger server with a bandwidth 100 times larger than
the past. This should stop crashes or slow downs for the auction. The
auction side of the website will be going before the store side. If you
are looking for regular stock or collection items from the store please
call 1-800-542-7622 to see if we have it in stock.

The new auction software does have the following features:
* Proxy Bidding
* Watch List
* Items you won
* Live Window (refreshes every 15 seconds) showing items you are bidding on
* Anti-Sniper Protection

Auction changes from the past:
* No longer will items be tied to a group
* No "Cease Fire" or "Sleep Mode"
* Bid increments will be by a dollar amount and not by percentages

To make it easy for you, we will have categories for the items. You can
suggest new categories for future auctions by a link on the auction home

You can REGISTER NOW by going to our website
<> and click on the "Go to Watts Auction"
button which will take you to the auction main page.

On the auction main page click on the "Register" link and fill out the
form. You will receive an email to show you had registered and the email
will contain a link that you must click on to activate you account, so
you can bid on the auctions.

You can click on the "Questions" or "Help" links on the Auction Main
Page for more information. We suggest that you should do that just to
see how the new auction software works. And be sure to read the
Terms(Rules) for the auction.

We are having a "Mock/Demo Auction" for you to get registered and you
can get familiar with the new auction software and for us to see how
everything performs. We want to make sure there are no "glitches." This
is not a live auction and the 15 non-items will be like "Hot Air", "Ice
Cubes" etc.

After the initial "Mock/Demo Auction", we will correct any problems or
glitches if they show up. We will have a "live" auction consisting of
real items for sale. It will be approximately 25 items that are not
rare. The auction will be real and sales are final as per the "Terms"
(Rules) posted on the website. Again we want everyone to get use to the
new auction software before the "Great Auction."

As you know, we are always on the lookout for superb collections
containing outstanding items that we auction off. This is the auction
you have been waiting for. We have brass a LGB/Astor locomotive, and
other LGB locos such as F7s, and moguls along with much sought after
rolling stock.

Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to serve you in the future.

Best wishes from everyone at Watts Train Shop."

BTW, their "Mock Auction" is up now ... and, a lot of fun!

All the best,