Author Topic: Building instructions missing? Try these step-by-step assembly guides...  (Read 16444 times)

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Martin has made some very useful and detailed step-by-step assembly guides.

Click on the name or pic of each set below for the linked topic which contains photos and instructions on how to put the sets together.

3030 Castle Ruin

3666 Large Castle

3667 Small Castle

3888 Castle Defenders

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Sir Gareth Building Guide for assembling Western Forts

I already have a set of photos here on PF in the gallery on how to build older playmobil forts, the images have had a fair amount of views.  It would seem though that most people wanted to look at the image of the complete fort rather than possibly building one using the guide.

As the Gallery is no longer available here on PF, with Sylvia's help I have placed Sir Gareth's photos in this post.

These photos show assembly of Fort Glory (3806) but the techniques could be useful in assembling other forts such as those in these sets

Later on are pictures of Fort Randall (3419) specifically

Unfortunately, I do not know what the original captions for the pictures were.

Assembly of Fort Randall

Assembly of the tower

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